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Wacken Metal Battle USA is part of an international competition that sees bands from across the country battle each other for the chance of winning their spot among 29 other countries’ champions, and representing the USA in an international battle of the bands at the world’s largest outdoor metal festival: Wacken Open Air, which has been taking place in Wacken , Germany for the last 29 years. The winner of Wacken Metal Battle USA will perform at the 2019 festival taking place from August 1st – 3rd.

How it works:

Participating cities will host qualifying rounds plus a city final organized by a local city concert promoter where one band will move forward to the American national final (date and city to be determined). The winner of the national final will move on to perform at the 30th edition of Wacken Open Air, and compete against the winners of 29 other countries in a final global battle.  All bands will be judged during battle rounds by respected local music industry representatives.

The finalists will be selected as follows by city.

Cities to be determined.


For more info on Wacken Metal Battle USA, please visit these links:

Official Website: http://www.metalbattleusa.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Wacken-Metal-Battle-USA-191594501261212/ 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MetalBattleUSA 

For more info on Wacken Open Air, please visit http://www.wacken.com



The Metal Battle takes place for the 16th time in 2019. Since then it brings together the worldwide metal scenes at the Wacken Open Air. The contest supported several bands at their starting point of their career, e.g. Drone, Torture Squad, Battle Beast and Hammercult.

But not only for the bands the Metal Battle is a fantastic option to represent themselves. Although many countries joined the Metal Battle which the metal world didn’t pay much attention to before; even as these countries have a great metal scene as well. That’s the reason why the Metal Battle grew and more than 40 countries joined the competition. Countries like Canada, Mexico, South Africa, the Middle East, Bulgaria, China, Japan (just to name a few) entered this worldwide network to figure out one band that represents their local scene at the international final round at the Wacken Open Air.

Traditionally the final takes place at the WET Stage and the Headbanger’s Stage of the W:O:A. The bands do have the option to give hell to the audience of the biggest metal festival in the world and to show them what metal is about in their home country.
In the end the jury will select a “top 5” and the bands will be rewarded with material and cash prizes.

Also the Metal Battle final at the W:O:A will be a forum for all participating bands where they can get in touch with producers, manager, booking agents and labels. So the Metal Battle gives a chance to all participating bands to establish contacts which can be useful for their musical future.

Winners of the International Wacken Metal Battle will receive cash and other prizes (2019 prizes still to be announced).

The international jury will select 5 bands with a ranking from 1 to 5 out of all participating bands from the final round of the Metal Battle at the Wacken Open Air 2019.

2018 Prizes were the following:

1st Place

– Slot to play at the Full Metal Holiday Festival in Mallorca including flight and accommodation 
– 5000€ from the Wacken Foundation 
– Paiste – Metal Ride 20 
– A backdrop from 400 x 300 cm from Vision Backdrops (visionbackdrops.com ) 
– MARKBASS Standard 104HR 
– Marshall Fridge + 2 Marshall Jack Rack 
– W:O:A Metal Battle is proud to announce Brain Stock Footage House as a 
sponsor of the 2018 Metal Battle! 
The video production company owned by true metalheads will 
award a voucher for a free music video (worth 4000 EUR) to the 
winner of W:O:A Metal Battle 2018! 
Headquartered in Bulgaria Brain Stock Footage House provides 
outsourcing of high quality video and audio production for the 
right price! 
The company’s ethos of helping independent artists is aligned 
with the W:O:A Metal Battle traditions and through their 
sponsorship the winner of the 2018 battle will have one more 
invaluable opportunity to popularize their music! 
Find out more about Brain Stock Footage House on their 
website https://www.brainstockhouse.com/  

2nd Place

– 4000€ from the Wacken Foundation
– Paiste – Metal Crash 20
– A voucher of 100 Euro to be used from Vision Backdrops
– MARKBASS Little Mark III 15th Anniversary
– 2 Marshall Jack Rack)


3rd Place

– 3000€ from the company Pohl-Boskamp
– Paiste – Metal Crash 17
– A voucher of 100 Euro to be used from Vision Backdrops
– MARKBASS Compressore
– 2 Marshall Jack Rack  

4th Place

– 2000€ from the Wacken Foundation
– Paiste – Metal Edge HAts 14 Bottom and Top
– A voucher of 100 Euro to be used from Vision Backdrops
– MARKBASS Mark Stand
– 2 Marshall Jack Rack  

5th Place

– 1000€ from the Wacken Foundation
– A voucher of 100 Euro to be used from Vision Backdrops
– MARKBASS Bass Keeper
– Paiste – Hoody and Tshirts
– 2 Marshall Jack Rack