All bands that wish to participate in the Metal Battle must read the following rules and guidelines. Bands who send in an application automatically agree to the rules and terms.

●      Your band doesn’t have a record deal and isn’t about to sign to a label in the near future.
●      Your band can easily play a 20 minute set consisting of your own songs. (No Covers). Full set performance time is 20 mins.
●      PA, lighting, and sound engineer will be provided for all bands.
●      Backline arrangements TBC by local city promoter.
●      The bands must bring their own instruments such as guitars, bass, drum breakables, keyboards and effect pedals and may also bring and use their own guitar and bass amps.
●      To keep the changeover times as short as possible, bands with left handed drummers will play as first or last band. All bands have to follow the directions given by the promoters or stage manager.
●      Semi playback is not allowed. All bands must play live. Background orchestrations are permitted as long as all vocals, guitars and bass are live.  Intros / interludes are also permitted.
●      Jury of respected music industry folk will decide the winners each night.

If a band overruns its allotted performance-time, then the band members should be aware of the fact that their sound might be faded out.  Time allotment on-stage will also be considered by the judges, who can give bands a lower score for not respecting the 20 minute schedule.  The running order for the concert will be released a few days before the event takes place.

Please Note:

Travel costs for the winning bands to the USA Metal Battle National Final (as well as city/ regional/state final)  is at their own expense.

Travel costs for the USA Metal Battle winning band to go to Germany will be partially supported by WMBU.

Accommodations at the festival will be in the form of camping in the VIP area.
Full professional back line will be provided for performance


Overall Performance:

This would be how well the band gels onstage.  Are they tight?  Are they entertaining to watch?  What is their level of showmanship?


What does this band bring to the scene that’s new in respect to the genre they claim to represent?


Does the band excel with musical prowess and abilities?


Is the idea of the band clear and focused.  Does their image do a good job at representing their sound?  Are they marketable?

Crowd reaction/Interaction:

Does the crowd seem to be enjoying the performance?  Is the band putting an effort into communicating with the audience?

Time Efficiency Onstage:

Does the band balance the use of their time well between addressing the crowd between songs and performing?  Do they take too long to set up or hinder the next band’s starting time because of changeover delays they’re responsible for?